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Cellulite and aesthetic issues related to body shape

Cellulite and aesthetic issues related to body shape

Written on 6th June 2018
by Dr. Francesco Madonna Terracina


Madonna Terracina Francesco

Plastic Surgeon

52014 Rome



Cellulite and aesthetic issues related to body shape: the latest innovative treatments

The long-standing issue of the dreaded dress fitting and the hated blemishes caused by cellulite is always topical for women. Most women, in fact, feel the need to find a solution through treatments that help counter this annoying beauty issue — one of the most common issues among the female population affected by dimples and hollows in the skin — which involves a significant change in the appearance of the tissues which at times can be very distressing. Dr. Francesco Madonna Terracina, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, analyses in detail the most innovative treatment for cellulite: tissue stabilized guided subcision.


The innovative mechanism of action to combat cellulite

The mechanism of action of tissue stabilized guided subcision appears simple but is actually complex and above all extremely effective and, as Dr. Madonna Terracina reminds us, is the only cellulite treatment that has certification from the FDA, a strict US control body. “It is performed under local anaesthesia with the full cooperation of the patient who, for example, can read a newspaper or make a phone call, because the method is not invasive and does not require sedation,”, explains Dr. Madonna Terracina, “and therefore there is no need to have day surgery or attend medical treatment facilities”. It is an outpatient procedure that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the needs arising from the characteristics and the extent of the hollows and dimples of the patient, and which is performed in one session and therefore does not need follow-up appointments or further retouching. Technically, thanks to tissue stabilized guided subcision, we are able to cut and dissect the subcutaneous fibrous septae that are the primary cause of the appearance of dimples and orange-peel skin, thus smoothing and refining the tissues of the buttocks and thighs.

Origin of the blemish of cellulite and “orange-peel” skin

Cellulite is a condition that is much more common in women than men, due to the different anatomical arrangement of fat between the two genders, continues Dr. Madonna Terracina. In fact, in women fat is separated from the fibres running from the lowest layer of the skin to the surface, while in men these fibres are angled at 45 degrees.
In women, therefore, the thickening of the fibrous septae caused by an inflammatory alteration of the surrounding adipose tissue causes a retraction of the skin downwards with the appearance of the dimples and orange-peel appearance of the skin that are the classic signs of cellulite.

Tissue stabilized guided subcision, as noted by Dr. Madonna Terracina, allows the bands responsible for these depressions to be severed, thus allowing the skin to free itself and relax. Through these treatments, therefore, it is possible to counteract a blemish that until recently proved difficult to resolve – cellulite, which includes all the disorders related to the microcirculation that are revealed with the appearance of orange-peel or “mattress” skin. It should also be borne in mind, continues Dr. Madonna Terracina, that there are numerous aesthetic issues related to the female figure for the doctor to take into account in order to choose the most suitable and effective solution. In fact, it is possible to evaluate disorders associated with the increase in adipose mass, i.e. lipodystrophies, which are preferably treated by liposuction, while other imperfections may be present in certain anatomical areas, such as flabby skin. Tissue stabilized guided subcision is a great innovation which, according to Dr. Madonna Terracina, provides the doctor and the plastic surgeon with a different option from the previous treatments for cellulite, allowing them to intervene as was never possible in the past. Before the advent of the tissue stabilized guided subcision technique there was no adequate treatment available for patients in the presence of hollows and dimples in the buttocks and lower limbs, and alternative treatments could produce a partial result that would often be unsatisfactory. Instead, thanks to this innovative treatment against cellulite, today the doctor is able to provide the patient with a new, non-invasive and, above all, really effective option with results that last over time.

Results in tackling cellulite and the importance of qualified professionals

Thanks to the tissue stabilized guided subcision technique that makes it possible to obtain completely new and significant results on cellulite and its annoying blemishes, doctors today have a very effective tool available for these issues. The results are visible and lasting, recovery is immediate, and it is only necessary to put off very intense physical activities and exposure to the sun for a few days because of some minor bruising. What is essential in combatting cellulite, says Dr. Madonna Terracina, is that patients contact highly qualified doctors, with the necessary skills and able to offer them the modernity of this treatment against cellulite, in full compliance with every standard of health and safety.

About Dr. Madonna Terracina Francesco

State Medical Board: 52014 Rome
Dr. Francesco Madonna Terracina is specialized in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, with Honour. He’s professor at the Master in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine at the University of San Marino and lecturer at the International School of Aesthetic Medicine “Fatebenefratelli Foundation” in Rome. He’s member of AICPE Association.

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